In this day and age we expect a lot from every aspect of our homes, including our carport. We want our Sydney carport to be practical and secure. We also want our carport to have wow factor and fit seamlessly with the rest of the home. All things that we can proudly say have been achieved in the Outside Concepts project featured on this page.

The new Sydney carport project was developed and constructed by our Lane Cove branch, led by manager Oliver. While the project brief included a full front garden make over, the star of the show is the double hip gable tiled roof carport.

The carport was designed meticulously to match the traditional style home that it sits in front of and includes some clever features. Perhaps most notable is an automatic opening gate. With a sliding gate not possible, a unique fix of a sectional gate lift was used. The gate lifts and lowers with a press of a button, much like a roller door, creating not just a clever fix but also one that adds to the overall look of the Sydney carport project.

Due to the absence of a driveway, careful coordination in design and installation to this aspect was also required. To overcome the slope, the level of the carport slab was raised and then covered with beautiful cobble stone paving.

Securing your Sydney carport

One of the clever features of the new Sydney carport is the way security features have been introduced which add – rather than detract – from the overall look. These security features include the automatic lift gate mention above and the use of integrated lighting to discourage would-be thieves.

Lighting and a secure gate or roller door at the front of the carport are two key things you can do to make your carport more secure. Here are some other tips for carport security:

  1. Any lighting is good but when it comes to security, motion-activated lighting is best.  These lights deter intruders by flooding the area with light whenever motion is detected, making it more difficult for them to approach unnoticed.
  2. Consider adding security cameras to your Sydney carport. Cameras are not just a deterrence, they can also help you monitor your carport from anywhere and allow you to see what has occurred if there is an issue.
  3. If you have a secure gate and front fence, you might also want to add control measures, such as keypad entry systems or smart locks to restrict access to your carport. These systems allow you to control who can enter the space and track access activity for added security.
  4. To ensure you’re not encouraging would-be thieves, store valuable items such as tools, bicycles and sporting equipment out of sight and securely locked away when not in use. Also, don’t store valuables in your car where they can be seen.
  5. Keep trees, bushes and other foliage trimmed back from your carport to eliminate hiding spots for potential intruders.
  6. Join a Neighborhood Watch program. Participating in a Neighborhood Watch program can help increase security in your area by promoting community vigilance and cooperation.

New Sydney carport – phone Outside Concepts

While the project in this blog features a traditional-style carport, we design and build carports of any style. Modern, traditional and everything in between.

To get a quote and a free design to build a new Sydney carport to suit your style, phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674. You can also submit a form on the Lane Cove branch page.Top of Form

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Practical – tick. Wow factor – tick. Secure – tick. Clever – big tick. Our latest Sydney carport project ticks all the boxes.
Practical – tick. Wow factor – tick. Secure – tick. Clever – big tick. Our latest Sydney carport project ticks all the boxes.