With cost of living pressures hitting many households, we’re all looking to save money where we can and this extends to bigger purchases. Like a new Sydney pergola for your home. Can pergola builders in Sydney help you spend less while still getting a great outdoor space?

Good Sydney pergola builders can help you save

The good news is there are ways to save money when building a new pergola while not compromising on the final result.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • When planning to construct a new pergola, it is essential to establish a budget and make it realistic.
  • To minimise costs, keep the design simple. For instance, opting for a flat roof instead of a roof style that will add to the build time and materials.
  • Similarly, the choice of materials for your Sydney pergola should be considered carefully. Metal or polycarbonate roofs are more cost-effective compared to tiled roofs or insulated roof panels. If timber is preferred for the flooring, treated pine decking boards can be a more affordable alternative to hardwood.
  • While a larger pergola will naturally be more expensive than a smaller one, it is important to consider your specific needs. If you intend to use the outdoor living area for entertaining larger groups, a small pergola just isn’t going to cut it. Keeping the size of your pergola in check makes sense; making it smaller than you need doesn’t.
  • Integrating features like outdoor kitchens, heating, cooling and lights into Sydney pergolas is all the rage, but they all add to the final cost. Perhaps choose one or two features that you really need now and add more later when you can afford them.
  • Council and approval processes can add to the overall cost and be confusing for most individuals, but you should never try to by-pass them. Good Sydney pergola builders will help or handle the entire process for you. This may cost a little more, but it’s usually worth it.
  • When getting quotes from pergola builders in Sydney, make sure the quote is detailed and includes everything you expect. Unscrupulous pergola builders might not include everything in their quotes, meaning the final price can be a lot more than you think.
  • When comparing quotes from Sydney pergola builders, choose a quote with a fixed price guarantee. You shouldn’t have to pay more, for example, just because material prices go up or your builder under-quoted. Keep in mind, however, that no pergola builder can absolutely guarantee their quote. Unforeseen exceptions like encountering significant rock issues on excavation for foundations can always affect the final price.

Choose the pergola builder in Sydney that will help

If you are considering building a new pergola for your Sydney home and the budget is tight, it’s important to choose a pergola builder who will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Oliver, branch manager for Outside Concepts Lane Cove can do just that. Like all our branches, Oliver can help your budget go further. With great advice, our expert know-how, buying power and fixed price guarantees, your new pergola can be built for less than you may think without compromising on the things that matter to you.

Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 or submit a form on Oliver’s page to organise a no-obligation visit.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Looking to build a pergola on a budget? Good Sydney pergola builders can help.
Looking to build a pergola on a budget? Good Sydney pergola builders can help.