How do you take a traditional pergola and add to it in a way that elevates it way above the original? There are perhaps several ways, but if you’re looking for a blueprint, look no further than the Sydney pergola pictured on this page.

Before we take a closer look at the project, it’s worth highlighting that a traditional pergola will generally have four or more posts, joined together at the top by four beams to form a square or rectangular shape. On top of the beams, rafters are placed at regular intervals, with decorative ends that jut out past the structure.

Picture a pergola sitting in the middle of a garden, with a deciduous grapevine or rose growing over the top, and you’ll soon have the idea of what a traditional pergola looks like. They’re generally not covered by a roof. The mature deciduous climber provides protection from the sun in the hotter months, while allowing the winter sun to shine through.

Move aside tradition, the new Sydney pergola is here!

The pergola pictured on this page, built by our Outside Concepts Lane Cove branch in Sydney, perfectly encapsulates how you can take a traditional pergola and make it even more special. And in the process, provide the perfect outdoor living space for the homeowners.

Instead of using posts on both sides, this Sydney pergola is attached on one side to the home. Having the outdoor living area attached to the home rather than being freestanding and located away from the home is generally what most people are looking for and provides the inside outside blend that is so popular these days.

The pergola continues the customary look by using beams and decorative rafters, but that’s where the tradition ends. Instead of a deciduous climber, the homeowners wanted a roof so the outdoor living space could be utilised all year round. A roof to protect them from the hot sun, the driving rain or whatever the weather throws at them.

Instead of using a metal roof, tiles or even standard polycarbonate to increase the natural light, a relatively new material was chosen to give the pergola even more wow factor.

The material is called multiwall polycarbonate sheeting, which like standard polycarbonate provides light transmission and UV protection. Unlike standard polycarbonate and many other roofing materials, however, the multiwall product provides excellent thermal insulation. This reduces solar heat and glare, and ensures a more comfortable outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment.

Outside Concepts Lane Cove for your new pergola

If you can practically picture a pergola like this, or something similar, attached to your Sydney home, it’s time to contact Outside Concepts Lane Cove.

Like all our branches, Lane Cove custom designs pergolas, patios, verandahs, carports and other outside structures exactly to suit each homeowner’s requirements. If you’d prefer a more traditional-style pergola, we can design and build one to suit you. If you’d prefer something more contemporary, like the project featured on this page, we can certainly do that too.

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A traditional Sydney pergola or a contemporary pergola with wow factor. The choice is yours when you choose Outside Concepts.
A traditional Sydney pergola or a contemporary pergola with wow factor. The choice is yours when you choose Outside Concepts.