When café blinds first appeared on Australian outdoor living areas, their reputation for doing a great job was matched by their image of being somewhat ugly in appearance and difficult to raise and lower. Thankfully, outdoor blinds have come a long way since then and this can be seen in the latest project completed by the Busselton outdoor blinds experts at Outside Concepts.

The clients of this Busselton home chose a mesh-fabric outdoor blind, which is perfect for the location as it keeps the hot rays of the sun out, while reducing wind and rain egress. And, as can be evidenced by the images, the blinds look fantastic. This is partly due to the careful choice of colours used in the blinds and the fittings, which match the house perfectly.

Like our other Outside Concepts branches, Busselton outdoor blinds specialists Ben and Vanessa O’Callaghan can source blinds in a variety of fabrics. Gone are the days when PVC outdoor blinds were your only choice. Nowadays there’s PVC, canvas, synthetics and meshes to choose from. Plus, there are a variety of control options, including track-guided and fully motorised systems.

Like the earliest outdoor blinds, café blinds of today do a great job and in many ways are even better than yesteryears models. Just as importantly they do their job while adding beauty to your outdoor living area and home, and while being easy to raise and lower.

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Beautiful outdoor blinds, designed and installed by the Busselton outdoor blinds specialists, Outside Concepts