If your are considering having Outside Concepts build you a magnificent outdoor pergola, patio, or covered deck, ask us about incorporating insulated roof panels into the design. These good-looking, versatile roof sheets will provide you with roof and ceiling in one panel, bypassing the need for plasters and painters. Insulated roof panels consist of high-density foam sandwiched between a Colorbond exterior roofing sheet and a layer of internal sheeting. They are excellent in moderating the extremes of summer and winter temperatures making your outdoor space more liveable all year round.

Richard van den Broek from Outside Concepts Sydney West says that one of the added benefits of using these roof panels is that they prevent condensation forming on the underside of your ceiling. If you are using a single layer roof this can be a problem especially in climates where there is a big differential between day and night temperatures. Using an insulated panel prevents the condensation dripping down on you or the furniture below.

Several varieties exist—Solarspan, Kingspan and Versiclad being the market leaders. They are all high-quality; produced using the classic range of Colorbond colors, roof profiles and offering a choice of textured or smooth finishes and colours for the ceiling layer.

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