If you’re after Busselton outdoor blinds to beat the heat for the coming warmer months, and need blinds that cover a significant span, Vanessa and Ben from Outside Concepts in Busselton say you should zip it. That is, you should invest in ziptrak heavy duty blinds.

These blinds, which are very popular in Busselton and across Australia, can cover spans up 6 metres wide. Most outdoor blinds can cover only around 4 metres. That’s an extra 2 metres, which for some outdoor structures can mean the difference between being able to install outdoor blinds and not.

Ziptrak does not actually utilise zips. It’s a track-guided design that allows these clever outdoor blinds to be easily lowered and raised. They can even be stopped at any height without a lock, giving you greater control over the elements than ever before.

For the ultimate in convenience (and possibly laziness!) you can even get a remote system, so you can lower or raise your outdoor blinds while sitting in your outdoor furniture!

Advantages of Busselton outdoor blinds

  • Protection from the elements is the main advantage of outdoor blinds, allowing you to stay in your outdoor living area longer and making it more comfortable. They’ll stop or reduce the amount of sun, heat and rain from entering your outdoor living area and your home, and will keep conditions warmer in colder weather. This feature means outdoor blinds can also reduce your cooling and heating costs.
  • Let’s face it, outdoor blinds were once quite ugly, but not any more. There are a variety of styles, colours and fabrics to choose to enhance the style of your home.
  • Today’s outdoor blinds are easy to use. Forget cumbersome blinds that need to be rolled up by hand. With today’s track systems, lowering and raising your outdoor blinds is a breeze.
  • If your outdoor living area offers little privacy, outdoor blinds will help. There are even fabrics that let you see out while stopping prying eyes from seeing in.
  • With options such as the Ziptrak system, outdoor blinds are also versatile. You can have them fully up, fully down or anywhere in between for the ultimate in control over the elements.
  • Busselton outdoor blinds supplied by Outside Concepts are made to last. So they’ll protect you from the elements now and for a long time to come. They also require little cleaning and maintenance.

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Protection from the elements is the main advantage of Busselton outdoor blinds