These days it seems we’re living in a society of envy. People are envious of the houses other people live in, the cars they drive and the lives they appear to lead (well, according to their social media account anyway!). So, when it comes to your new Melbourne carport, how can you make sure that everyone else is the one feeling the envy?

Practicality a key

For your new Melbourne carport to be enviable, it must be practical. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be difficult and here are a few tips:

  • Keeping the elements off your car or cars is the main reason to have a carport. Therefore, when you’re designing a new carport for your Melbourne home, make sure it will be large enough to provide protection for all your cars, plus potentially other assets like a trailer or boat.
  • Choose durable materials for your carport so it can withstand the elements for many, many years. There are a range of choices, including timber and steel for the structural elements, and tiles, metal and polycarbonate for the roof.
  • Adding integrating lighting into your new carport is a great idea. Sensor lighting can be particularly practical, as it will help you at night and increase the security of your cars.
  • You can also consider features such as a roller door and storage. Adding a side or end to your carport, particularly to cover the prevailing wind, can extend the protection your carport provides.

Styling your Melbourne carport

While practicality is key, style is also important. The best and most enviable carport in your neighbourhood is not just going to do a great job, it will add wow factor to your home. How can you achieve this?

  • Choose materials that are not only durable, but also match or complement your Melbourne home.
  • Likewise, when considering which style of roof (e.g. flat, hip, gable) to use, often the best choice is staring you in the face. Match the roof style of your home and you’ll be on a winner.
  • Choose colours that match or complement the colours used in your home.
  • Consider other elements of your home and match these in your carport. For example, decorative features such as end fills and finials, timber posts, or boxed in gutters and posts.
  • At the end of the day, what you should be trying to achieve is to build a carport that truly looks as if it belongs with your home.

Create your practical, stylish carport

Designing and building a new carport for your Melbourne home that is practical and stylish sounds easy but it can be difficult to achieve, which is where Outside Concepts can help.

Outside Concepts Essendon – which services all parts of Melbourne to the west and north west – can help you build your dream carport. Kose and his team will build you a carport that protects your vehicles and does it in style. You’ll be the envy of the rest of the street and your neighbourhood!

Organise a free design and quote with Outside Concepts Essendon by phoning 1800 601 674 or completing the contact form on our Essendon page.

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Designing and building a carport for your Melbourne home that will be the envy of everyone comes down to practicality and style.
Designing and building a carport for your Melbourne home that will be the envy of everyone comes down to practicality and style.