One of the key decisions you’ll make when planning a new carport for your Brisbane home is where to locate it. Alongside the home is a great choice, as it provides easy access to your house, but if this isn’t possible a freestanding Brisbane carport is just as good.

In this blog, we’ll help you plan and prepare for a new freestanding carport for your Brisbane home. It won’t be free, but it will add great value to your home. In fact, if you do it right you’ll likely to recoup the costs and maybe even more when it comes time to sell.

Brisbane carport planning and preparation

Long before the first hole is dug for your new carport, you need to plan and prepare. Here is a rundown of the things you’ll need to do:

  • Decide on the size you want your carport to be. Outside Concepts recommends at least 6.0 metres long by 3.0 metres wide for a single carport and 6.0 metres long by 6.0 metres wide for a double carport. Allow .3 metres extra on each side that’s enclosed and 0.1 metres if you want to install a roller door.
  • Create a design for your carport. You may start with a rough concept design and work your up to more detailed drawings.
  • Decide on the materials you will use. Obviously, you’ll need to select durable and weather-resistant materials. Common choices include steel or timber for the structure. Roofing materials like Colorbond steel, tiles and polycarbonate are also popular. The materials you choose should align with your budget and the style of your home.
  • Choose a location for your Brisbane carport. One of the advantages of a freestanding carport is that you can place it virtually anywhere on your block that your council will allow. Distance to the front of your property and neighbouring fences can be a factor in some councils. Apart from this, choose the location with best accessibility and convenience.
  • It’s likely you’ll need to go through your council’s building approval process. What this will entail and the conditions you will need to meet will depend on your council. All the previous steps will help prepare you for the approval process.

Building Your Freestanding Carport

Once you’ve gone through the previous steps and sourced all the materials for your Brisbane carport, you’re ready to start the build. It’s just a matter of laying the foundations, constructing the structure, putting on the roof, erecting the gutters and drainage, and making any finishing touches.

Hold on! Before even considering building your own carport, it’s crucial to understand that you need to be at least a seasoned DIYer to tackle a project of this magnitude. You not only need to skills and knowledge, but you’ll also need the tools to get the job done

There is a better way and it only requires a single tool, one that you’ve probably got in your pocket or nearby now. It’s your phone. Get it out and phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

If you live in the suburbs south of Brisbane we’ll get Brody Glasby from our Southern Branch to get in contact to organise a day and time to visit your home. This no-obligation, free visit will allow Brody to get a thorough understanding of your needs and wants. He’ll then provide a free design and quote.

You don’t need to do any planning. Brody will go through all this with you. He’ll even look after the council approval process if you want.

Call now or submit a contact form on Brody’s page.

Benefits of a freestanding carport in Brisbane

  1. Protection from the elements: Brisbane’s climate can be harsh, with intense sun and sporadic heavy rainfall. A freestanding carport shields your vehicles from UV rays, rain, and hail, prolonging their lifespan.
  2. Added property value: A well-designed carport not only enhances the curb appeal of your home but also increases its market value.
  3. Versatile space: Your carport can serve as more than just a shelter for vehicles. Use it as an outdoor entertaining area, additional storage space or even a home gym.
  4. Cost-efficient: Compared to a garage, a freestanding carport is a more budget-friendly option while offering similar protection.
  5. Customisation: With Outside Concepts, you have the flexibility to design your carport according to your preferences and needs.

Outside Concepts builds great things. Call now for a free Quote 1800 601 674.

You only need one tool to design and build a new Brisbane carport. It’s called a phone. Use it to call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.
You only need one tool to design and build a new Brisbane carport. It’s called a phone. Use it to call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.