If you’re the type of person who wants the latest fashion, hair style, home décor and car, when considering a new Melbourne verandah there will be one thing top of mind and that’s what hot in verandahs.

In this blog, we’ll look at current trends in verandah design. We’ll also take a brief journey back in time to see the remarkable transformations that Australian verandahs have undergone.

Melbourne’s top verandah trends unveiled

  1. The overall single biggest trend in verandahs in Melbourne and across Australia is their use as outdoor living spaces. Verandahs have evolved into true outdoor living zones with comfortable seating, dining areas and even outdoor kitchens. People are looking to extend their living areas into the outdoors and a verandah is a popular option.
  2. Sustainability is a significant trend everywhere you look and it’s the same with verandahs. More people are seeking eco-friendly materials and designs. Recycled timber, sustainable decking timbers and energy-efficient lighting are commonly incorporated. The use of insulation – such as insulated roofing panels – is helping to keep people more comfortable in their verandahs without the use of cooling or heating.
  3. To create a trendy Melbourne verandah, you’ll need stylish outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture trends have evolved to blend style and functionality seamlessly. Sustainable materials are gaining popularity, while modular and multifunctional pieces offer versatility. Comfort is also key, with plush cushions and weather-resistant fabrics a popular choice.
  4. Australians are increasingly embracing green design principles, by bringing nature into their verandahs with surrounding gardens, pot plants and green walls.
  5. Modern minimalism is everywhere, including our outdoor living spaces. Contemporary verandahs often feature sleek designs, neutral colour palettes and minimalistic furniture and accessories.
  6. Smart technology is also creeping into our outdoor living. Homeowners are incorporating features like automated awnings, outdoor speakers and smart lighting control to make their verandahs more comfortable and relaxing.
  7. Australians are becoming more sun conscious. Verandahs often include solid roofs for protection, however, you can also choose items like retractable awnings and umbrellas to provide shade during the intense summer months. Louvre and retractable roofing systems are also becoming more popular.
  8. It’s not all about modern and contemporary. In some areas of Melbourne, especially in heritage neighbourhoods, traditional verandah styles are still popular. This raises a vital point – it doesn’t matter what’s trending in verandahs, it’s always important to match or complement your home.
  9. Verandahs and other outdoor spaces aren’t just used when the weather is nice. Australians are looking to make the most of their verandahs throughout the year. This has led to the use of outdoor heaters, fire pits and outdoor blinds to create a comfortable space in all seasons.
  10. Many homeowners are opting for custom verandah designs to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  11. Another massive trend is to blend the indoors and outdoors. Melbourne verandahs are often designed to seamlessly connect with indoor living areas, creating a more cohesive living space.
  12. Outdoor lighting has become a major focus of verandahs. Creative and stylish lighting options, such as fairy lights, pendant lights and solar-powered fixtures, are being used to enhance the ambiance.

Melbourne’s verandah renaissance

Verandah design trends in Melbourne and Australia have evolved significantly over the years to reflect changing lifestyles, architectural preferences and environmental considerations. It wasn’t long ago when verandahs were a place to leave your work boots and a kennel for the dog. These days, they are outdoor living areas in their own right, complete with all the modern features we want and expect.

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It wasn’t long ago when a Melbourne verandah was a place to leave your work boots and a kennel for the dog. These days, they are outdoor living areas in their own right.
It wasn’t long ago when a Melbourne verandah was a place to leave your work boots and a kennel for the dog. These days, they are outdoor living areas in their own right.