If you live in the southern suburbs of Brisbane and you’re looking to design and build a Brisbane carport that’s more extraordinary than ordinary, then let us introduce you to a person who will make your day.

Before the introduction, however, let us explain what we mean by an extraordinary carport. There are other words that can be used to describe the type of Brisbane carports that we’re referring to. Premium, high-end and superior spring to mind, as does simply wow! You may think pricey is another good term, but as we’ll also explain below, this isn’t necessarily true.

Definitely, what it doesn’t mean is a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf or non-customised carport. While these are perhaps okay for some situations, they certainly aren’t what’s required when you’re looking to build a carport that’s as good-looking as it is practical.

So, how do you go about designing and building an extraordinary, premium, high-end and superior carport for your Brisbane home that provides wow factor?

Building Brisbane carports with wow factor

The first way you may consider to design and build a Brisbane carport is to go down the DIY path. While there are many steps involved, here are the major things you’ll need to do:

Carport Design

  • Come up with a rough idea of what your carport will look like.
  • Develop a detailed design.
    The design is all-important, as it needs to match or complement your home perfectly; otherwise, it will be more drab than wow. You also need to ensure the carport will be totally practical and suitable for your needs.

Apply for Council Planning Permission 

  • Apply for council planning permission. This can sometimes be a complex task, taking several weeks and sometimes longer for permission to come through. The council will want proper plans that comply with the required building laws so you’ll need to draw them up to submit with your application. 
  • If there’s a technical issue, or a neighbour has objected, you might need to go through this process several times. 

Source materials

  • Source all of your materials.
    You’ll need to visit places like hardware and plumbing stores and pay retail prices. Hopefully, you’ve got a trailer; otherwise, you’ll have to pay for delivery to your home.

Dig the Foundations

  • Working out levels can be tricky, but you might have a mate who can help with this.
  • Then you’ll need to dig foundations and holes for posts, maybe retaining walls, and if there’s some brickwork, you might need concrete footings.
    If you hire a post-hole digger or Dingo, you won’t have to do quite so much back-breaking work but they cost hundreds per day so get yourself organised to do the job quickly to get the digger back to the hire shop so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Erect the Carport

  • Now, you’ll need to set the posts and then start erecting the carport roof and walls.
    Make sure its not a windy day because you’ll lose sheets into the neighbour’s yard and they won’t be happy.
  • You might have to get that mate again because fixing roof sheets really takes two people to do it safely.
    If you haven’t already got one, go out and buy yourself a battery rattlegun so you can screw in the two hundred self-tap screws required to hold the framework together and the sheets on.

Electrical Services

  • Want a light, and maybe a power point for your roller door; a convenient outlet to plugin the vacuum cleaner when you’re cleaning the car? If you have an Electric Vehicle, you might want an EV charge port to charge your Tesla.
  • Don’t try to do that yourself – its illegal and frankly, dangerous. You’ll have to source a licenced electrician, and its no small job either.
  • Your electrician will need to
    • trench the power into the carport from the mains board.
    • Route and secure the power cables safely to the light fitting, roller door and outlets inside the carport.  

Concrete floor

  • If you’ve reached this stage by yourself, you’ve done a great job, but it’s not over yet if you’d like a long-lasting concrete floor in to park your car on.
  • The carport concrete floor starts with sourcing and installing the concrete mesh, framing up a box to hold the wet cement, and then ordering the concrete delivery.   Make sure you get the right amount of cement because excess concrete is very difficult to dispose of. You can’t just put it into the red rubbish bin.
  • Ideally, you’d source a concrete layer to do the job, but if you really want to DIY, then after the pour you need to quickly screed the concrete before it starts to dry, then and manage the drying process by regular water sprays etc.

Keep the kids and the animals off the concrete too; otherwise, you end up with vandal’s initials or paw prints in the wet concrete.

Wow what a job!


The best way to build a Brisbane carport with wow factor

Carport design

Building a carport with a “wow” factor requires a combination of creativity, careful planning, and attention to detail. To start, consider the design. Your carport should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Sketch a few designs, keeping the architecture of your house in mind. Think about incorporating elements that stand out, such as unique shapes, bold colours, or a combination of different materials like wood, metal, and glass.

Use the best carport builder

This leads us nicely back to the opening paragraph to this post. Introducing Brody Glasby, the branch owner for Outside Concepts South Brisbane branch, which services all the southern suburbs of Brisbane. While he is new to Outside Concepts, he has vast experience in the industry and in construction project management.

Choosing Materials

Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to gather the materials. Choose quality materials that are durable and complement the overall look of your home. For a touch of elegance, you might consider installing wooden beams, or for a modern edge, metallic frames can be a great choice. Also, consider the roofing; a clear, polycarbonate roof can add a contemporary look while providing protection from the elements.

The Foundations

The foundation is the next important step. Ensure it is strong and stable to support your carport effectively. Depending on your design, you may need to pour concrete to create a solid base. Consider adding a decorative touch to the flooring, like stamped concrete or stylish pavers, to elevate the overall look. Make sure to follow the local building codes and regulations during the construction process, obtaining necessary permits as needed.


Lighting is another crucial aspect to infuse that “wow” factor into your carport. Utilize different types of lights to illuminate the carport beautifully at night. You could install spotlights, fairy lights, or even LED strips that light up in different colors. Ensure the lights are weatherproof to avoid any damage from rain or snow. The right lighting not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds an extra layer of security to your property.


Think about the landscaping around your carport. Introduce some greenery or flowering plants to make the surrounding area lively and inviting. Consider installing a small garden, hanging planters, or trellises with climbing vines. Not only will this make your carport stand out, but it will also seamlessly integrate it into your outdoor space, making it a focal point for all who pass by. Every detail counts, so take your time to ensure each element comes together cohesively to create a carport with a definite “wow” factor.

Where to from here?

As mentioned, there’s only one step involved to your dream carport if you use Brody and that’s simply to call us on 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form on his page. Brody can then look after the rest, including providing advice on everything you need to know to build the best carport for your Brisbane home.

It’s also wise to point out that just because Brody will look after everything for you, and will build your carport using the best materials and professional tradespeople, it doesn’t mean you’ll pay top price. Our fully customised carports and other outdoor structures are always competitively priced (partly due to our wholesale buying power) and we will not be beaten on any comparable written quote.

Job done. All you need to do is drive your cars under your new carport and admire from close and afar!

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Your new South Brisbane carport is only one step away
Your new South Brisbane carport is only one step away

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