While there are many materials you can choose to surface your outdoor living area – whether it be a verandah, patio, porch or pergola – a timber deck is hard to beat. Whether you have plans for a large outdoor living room for entertaining family or friends or an intimate area for relaxation, a timber deck will be an investment you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Our 7 top reasons to install an outdoor timber deck with steps at your house

  1. Perhaps the most important reason for choosing a timber deck is that they simply look magnificent. Yes, there is generally (see below) maintenance required to keep a timber deck looking as good as the day it was completed, but it’s not overly onerous, time consuming or difficult.
  2. There are now timber decking choices made from composite materials that require much less maintenance. These choices are generally painted, so perhaps don’t look as beautiful as a freshly-oiled timber deck, but it’s worth considering if maintenance is a concern for you.
  3. While many of us picture the deep red of merbau when we think of timber decks, there are many other timbers you can choose. For example, in a coastal environment, a lighter timber is often a great choice, while in a bush setting a timber deck made from one of our eucalyptus species works a treat.
  4. Timber is a very durable material, able to withstand punishment that some materials will struggle with. The vast majority of timber decking options are also resistant to rot and insects.
  5. If you’ve ever dropped a glass or other breakable on a timber deck, you may have been lucky enough to get away without a breakage. Drop something on a paved, tiled or other hard surface and it’s likely to be a shattering experience. That’s because timber is a more forgiving surface, which also makes it more comfortable to walk on with bare feet.
  6. Its forgiving nature and the fact that it can be less slippery than many other materials make a timber deck a good choice around a pool or spa. Timber decks are also cooler than other materials in the hot sun, so there is less pain and painful expressions on the way to the water!
  7. Installing a timber deck is often cheaper than other options. If your budget is really tight you can even consider the more economical option of treated pine. While many people consider treated pine a less-desirable looking option, with a good stain (or even paint) it can look great.

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A timber deck is a great investment for now and into the future.