Take a look at the main image of the timber deck on this page. How old do you think it is? Brand new. A couple of years old. You might be surprised to hear that the deck is in fact over ten years old, which is why when you invest in a timber deck in Adelaide you’re making  an investment for the long term.

Timber decks in Adelaide do require maintenance

The qualification we should make when we say that timber decks will provide many years of use – and look darn good at the same time – is that they do require maintenance. The timber deck in the image was treated when it was brand new and has been re-oiled every year since then. While this may sound like a lot of work, it’s not. In fact, it’s a job that can easily be done in a few hours, as described by Cabot’s Timber Finishes.

  1. Exfoliate your deck by giving it a good scrub. It’s best to use a commercial timber deck cleaning product and apply it with a good, stiff broom to eliminate mould and remove all dirt and grime.
  2. Once dry, it’s time to apply the oil. We recommend an oil that is water-based so you can finish the job quickly. Oiling a deck is really simple. Just use a brush around the edges and an applicator (available from any hardware or paint store) to oil the rest. Even a large deck can be oiled in an hour or so.
  3. For best results, give your deck a second coat of oil and the job’s done. If you’re using a water-based oil, you can move your furniture, barbecue and any other items back onto the deck after around eight hours.

Which wood would you choose for your Adelaide timber deck

Now that you know how easy it is to maintain a timber deck, it’s time to get planning for installing a new one at your Adelaide home. One of the key choices you’ll need to make is which timber to use for the decking boards. While there’s really no bad choice, let’s take a look at the major options:

  • Merbau is probably the most used timber decking board and it’s the one used in the main image on this page. It has a beautiful, rich red colour, is resilient and highly resistant to termites and weathering.
  • Australian hardwood timbers – such as ironbark, jarrah, spotted gum and blackbutt – are another popular choice. Like Merbau, Australian hardwood timbers are very durable. Most also have good fire resistance and may be able to be used in some fire prone areas.
  • Treated pine’s main advantage is its affordability. While it is a softwood, it’s definitely not soft. In fact it’s a very durable timber, that will withstand decay, mould and termites. The downside to treated pine – at least for most people – is that it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as hardwood.

The timber deck experts in Adelaide

Ready to find out more about timber decks, or want to crack on with getting a new one for your Adelaide home? Your timber deck expert in the eastern part of Adelaide, including the Adelaide Hills, is Brian Rohan. Organise a no-obligation, design and quote with Brian by visiting his website page and submitting a contact form, or phoning Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

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A new timber deck for your Adelaide home will add beauty and practicality for many years to come with a little tender loving care.