If you need to pop shoes on to walk on your timber deck for fear of getting a splinter in your foot or stubbing your toe on a raised nail, it’s time do something about it. Whether it needs to be repaired, maintained or ripped up and started again, Outside Concepts have the tips to get your deck summer-ready.

Repair a timber deck

Repairing a timber deck is something the average DIYer can do themselves. It can be as simple as replacing a single board that has moisture damage or has split, nailing down a raised nail, or repairing any scratches or gouges.

If the damage is larger, however, for example if there are several boards that need replacing, nailing or screwing back down, this can be a sign of a bigger issue. What you should do is remove a few boards and inspect the sub-structure of your deck for signs of any rot or other damage.

Maintain a timber deck

One of the reasons for a timber deck that needs repairing is a lack of maintenance. Harsh weather conditions can take their toll on a deck that receives little or no maintenance, which is a shame because this is an easy job to do.

Every year, give your timber deck a good clean, preferably with a commercial deck cleaner. Then wash off, with a high pressure hose if you have one, and allow to dry. Then apply one or preferably two coats of a woodcare product designed for the job. A water-based product is an ideal choice, as you’ll be able to use your deck soon after.

Rebuild your timber deck

If there are many timber decking boards that need to be replaced or you’re concerned about the condition of your sub-structure, it’s time to call in the experts, Outside Concepts.

We can help rejuvenate your old deck or replace it with a new deck. We can build you a new, beautiful timber deck using a hardwood, such as Merbau, Jarrah, River Red Gum or Spotted Gum. Or for a timber deck on a budget, a cost-effective treated pine timber may be the perfect option.

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A timber deck that's summer-ready is possible with tips from Outside Concepts.