Picture this, a timber deck that wraps around your Kew swimming pool or surrounds your pool, creating a perfect launching pad for your daily swim and a terrific spot for relaxing and entertaining outdoors. While it might be a little cool to contemplate this picture now, remember that warmer weather isn’t that far away, which is why it’s time to consider a new timber deck in Kew.

Why build a timber deck for your Kew home? Well, there are many good reasons and we’ve listed some of them below. But there’s one reason that’s more difficult to describe and that’s the feeling of looking at a well designed deck. While it’s easy to say a timber deck is attractive, that doesn’t sum it up either. Beautiful? Perhaps a little closer. The only word we can think of that comes close to encapsulating that feeling is sexy. Perhaps a controversial word to use about a deck, but we think you’ll understand what we mean!

Advantages of a Kew timber deck

  • A timber deck can add significant value to a home. Exactly how much will depend on a range of factors, but generally you can expect to recoup the cost of the timber deck and often much more.
  • A Kew timber deck will create the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that most of us are looking for. It will create a space where you can relax and entertain.
  • Timber is well renowned for its strength and durability, and a Kew timber deck will be no exception. A well-designed and built deck will last for decades. While some maintenance is required to keep it performing at its best, the maintenance is not onerous or difficult.
  • Unlike some surfaces, timber decking boards feel great underfoot and don’t get too hot in the sun. It’s also comfortable and forgiving for your feet, legs and anything you drop on it. You might even get away with dropping glass or crockery on a timber deck, without it breaking.
  • We’ve already mentioned that a timber deck is a thing of beauty (and sexy!), but it’s worth highlighting again. A simple timber deck built alongside your Kew home will look sophisticated and elegant. If you want, you can incorporate elements like raised garden beds and bench seating to take it to the next level.
  • Building a timber deck isn’t exactly cheap, but it will often be cheaper than other alternatives. Plus, if your budget is tight, you can always consider an economic timber board like treated pine.

Your Kew timber deck specialists

In Kew, our branch manager is Ron Matz, a local who appreciates the needs of people in the Kew area and understands local planning laws.

Whether you have an existing pool, are considering installing a pool or don’t have a pool and simply want a stunning timber deck, Carl and his team are the experts. Get in contact by completing the contact form on the Kew branch page or phoning 1800 601 674.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

A Kew timber deck will go swimmingly in your backyard!
A Kew timber deck will go swimmingly in your backyard!