Which wood would we use for our Melbourne timber deck?

One question we get asked quite a bit at Outside Concepts is which is the best timber to use if you are building a new deck or replacing a worn out deck. It’s a good question and perhaps not one with an easy answer, but let’s take a closer and see if we can help you decide.

Timber deck options

While there are many different options for the type of timber you can use for a deck at your Melbourne home, they all fall into two categories. Firstly, there is hardwood and secondly there is softwood.

Now, before you start thinking that hardwood must be superior because it’s tougher, let’s set things straight. Whether a timber is a softwood or hardwood is defined by plant reproduction, not toughness. In fact, there are some hardwoods that are softer than softwoods.

However, and this is worth keeping in mind, hardwood timber is generally denser than softwood because it’s slower growing. This can make hardwood a better option but it does come at a price. Because it’s slower growing, hardwood is generally more expensive.

Hardwood timber deck options for your Melbourne home

So, what hardwood timber decking boards can you choose? There are many, although there are only a few types that are used regularly.

  • Merbau timber decking boards are perhaps the most commonly used, around Melbourne and Australia. That’s because it looks great and isn’t overly expensive. Merbau has a lovely deep red colour. It’s strong and durable but not so hard that it’s difficult to work with.
  • Like the remainder of the hardwoods mentioned in this post, the spotted gum is a Eucalyptus species. It has lovely shades of brown that can range from chocolate to a paler hue. They can be an option in some bushfire prone areas.
  • Its fire resistance also makes the blackbutt another potential option in bushfire prone areas. Its colour is pale brown to yellow and if left to weather will take on a beautiful silver-grey appearance.
  • Victorian ash is another popular choice. It has a straight grain and is lighter in tone than many of the other Eucalyptus options.
  • Jarrah is perhaps most known because of its dark colours, that range from rich brown to red. It’s also one of the strongest timbers you can use for your deck and is highly resistant to rot.

Softwood timber deck options for your Melbourne home

If you want to go softwood there’s really only one choice and that’s treated pine.

As it has been treated, treated pine resists rot, mould and termites extremely well, even in moist conditions. It’s an excellent budget decision and will cost you less than the hardwood options. While in its raw state most people would agree that it doesn’t stack up against hardwood in the looks stakes, it can be readily oiled, stained or painted to suit your environment and home.

Your choice for timber decks in Melbourne

If you are looking to build a new timber deck in Melbourne, while you have several different options on which timber to use, there’s only one option when it comes to who to build it. Ron Matz and his team from Outside Concepts North Eastern Branch.

As well as having huge experience with building all types of decks, Ron’s branch takes in suburbs such as Ferntree Gully, which can require careful consideration in terms of bushfires. With his experience, he can guide you on what types of timbers you can use, to get the deck you want that will satisfy Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements.

Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise Ron to get in touch with you for a free design and quote.

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Which wood should you use for your new Melbourne timber deck?
Which wood should you use for your new Melbourne timber deck?