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While the COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne have hardly been anything to laugh about, if you’ve had a verandah to relax in and entertain your immediate family, then we’re sure it’s been worth its weight in gold. While restrictions are now lifting and with warmer weather on the way, your Melbourne verandah is unlikely to remain idle. In fact, it will remain a valuable asset in the months and years ahead.

All well and good you might say, but what if you don’t have a verandah or other outdoor structure for your home? If this applies to you then it’s time to get planning. It’s time to design and build a new verandah that will add value and wow factor to your Melbourne home.

6 tips for a Melbourne verandah with wow factor

  1. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your Melbourne vernandah has the wow factor is to simply make sure it matches or complements your home. As we often say at Outside Concepts, it doesn’t matter how good a new outdoor structure looks, if it doesn’t match or complement the house it’s going to appear out of place.
  2. It’s not rocket science, but for many people making sure an outdoor structure matches or complements a house isn’t easy. It is for Outside Concepts, however. By looking at aspects of your home, such as the roof style, materials, age, special features and colour, we can easily build a verandah for you that has wow factor.
  3. Think carefully about the size of your new Melbourne verandah and how you will use it. While it’s likely you’ll be dictated somewhat by your block, by considering how you will use your verandah you’ll ensure you have enough space for your needs. Simply need a structure to frame your home and keep the rain off the front door? Your verandah won’t need to be terribly large. However, if you want to use your verandah to relax and entertain it will need to be larger. If that’s the case, allow enough space for your outdoor furniture, bbq and any other items you want, as well as enough room for you to walk around.
  4. Another aspect which may be dictated by your block and the verandah’s use is the position. If you are looking to use your verandah to relax and entertain, the ideal position is off the main living area and not far from the kitchen. Also consider the weather and factors such as the sun.
  5. Budget is also going to be a key consideration when designing and building a new verandah for your Melbourne home. If budget is tight there are things you can do to get more out of the money you spend. Outside Concepts can again help with this. We’re experts at stretching your dollar further and getting the most out of the money you do allocate. Also, our fixed price guarantee means you’ll know what you’ll be paying upfront, apart from any unforeseen circumstances such as finding rock when excavating.
  6. Lastly, any verandah can look a little plain when empty. So, do your best to add to it once built. The addition of nice outdoor furniture, lighting, pots, vertical gardens and even the surrounding garden can make an average verandah look exceptional.

Outside Concepts Bayside branch for your verandah

If you live in the Bayside area of Melbourne, David Buntin is the person to contact to make your new verandah a reality. David specialises in designing and building customised outdoor structures, including verndahs, decks, patio, pergolas and carports.

Contact David by phoning 1800 601 674 or submitting a contact form on his website page.

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A Melbourne verandah has been a must during recent restrictions and will be just as valuable during the upcoming warm weather.
A Melbourne verandah has been a must during recent restrictions and will be just as valuable during the upcoming warm weather.