For many people, Christmas is about family, presents, holidays, entertaining and relaxing. And for us Aussies, it’s also a time to get outdoors. But if your Melbourne outdoor living area hasn’t been looked at for several months, chances are it’s a less than inviting area.

Here are some tips for getting your Melbourne outdoor living area ready for Christmas:

  • If your outdoor living area is non-existent or looking past its used by date, get Outside Concepts to give you a free design and quote. A new outdoor structure before Christmas is possible, but there’s no time to waste.
  • Take a critical look at your outdoor structure and look for anything that needs replacing or requires maintenance. New paint, re-oiling the deck and replacing damaged roofing sheets can make a world of difference.
  • Planning a Christmas lunch for the outdoors? It’s not just your outdoor living area that needs to be up to scratch. Give your outdoor furniture and BBQ a good clean or replace them if necessary. Also, for larger gatherings, consider whether it’s practical to move any inside furniture, such as a table and chairs, outside for the day.
  • What’s for lunch? Think about what you’d like to enjoy for Christmas lunch and, if you’d rather be enjoying lunch rather than slaving away inside, think of foods that you can enjoy cold or can be cooked outside.
  • Cook now for Christmas Day? It sounds silly, but some items, such as Christmas pudding, will actually taste better if you make it now. Other items, such as shortbread, will last until the big day if stored correctly.

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle this Christmas? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Get ready for spending Christmas in your Melbourne outdoor living area with these tips from Outside Concepts