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Hardwood deck with flat-roofed metal awning in Adelaide

Hardwood deck with flat-roofed metal awning in Adelaide

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you can relax all the time! Warmer weather is also the perfect time to re-coat your Adelaide deck as it will dry quickly, giving you and your outdoor furniture quick access.

Before you get out the oil, brushes and deck applicator, there are a few things you should do first. Start with a thorough inspection of your Adelaide deck, looking for issues such as worn or rotting timber, stains, sags and exposed nails. After fixing any issues, sweep your deck with a stiff broom and then clean the deck with a commercial deck cleaner to remove dirt, grime and oxidation.

Once your deck dries you can then start oiling. Oiling a deck is relatively easy – simply apply the oil liberally along the entire length of your timber and check for any areas where the oil has pooled, back-brushing if necessary. You should apply two coats of oil, a job you may be able to complete in a day, depending on the oil you choose and environmental conditions.

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