With maximum temperatures in Launceston barely getting into double figures lately, it’s easy to think the weather will never warm up again. But it will, which is why now is the time to start planning for a new timber deck for your home.

Of course, if you are looking to build a new deck for your home, timber isn’t your only choice. There are a multitude of options you could consider, including hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers, stone and tiles. There are also softer options such as fake grass. Then there are products such as composites and plastics that try to mimic the look of a timber deck.

All have pros and cons. Some are expensive while others are cheap (and perhaps a little bit nasty!). However, in our book, in most situations, the timber deck wins hands down. For a relatively modest outlay, a new timber deck will reward you with many years of relaxation and entertainment options, and will provide benefits the other materials can only dream of.

The benefits of a timber deck for your Launceston home

  1. While it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, the biggest benefit for most people in choosing a timber deck is its stunning looks. While there are a variety of timber options you can choose, all add wow factor. A little bit of maintenance is required (i.e. re-oiling now and again) to maintain its beauty, but this is no different to most of the products listed above.
  2. It may be stunning, but that doesn’t mean a deck is necessarily expensive. If money is particularly tight, you can choose to use a treated pine timber deck, which will cost less than hardwood options.
  3. If your house block isn’t level, most decking options will require you to undertake extensive groundwork before you can build your deck. Depending on your situation, this mightn’t be the case for a timber deck. For example, if you have to raise the level of your deck to meet the level of your home.
  4. A timber deck built for your Launceston home will also be comfortable. That’s because they provide some spring, while other options, particularly concrete and pavers, don’t. A timber deck can also be cooler in hot weather and less slippery in the wet.
  5. A timber deck is extremely durable and will last for decades, particularly if you look after it by re-oiling now and again.

Outside Concepts another good option

Now that you’ve chosen a timber deck for your Launceston home, here is another good option – get our Launceston branch to build your timber deck for you.

Branch owner and manager Ray Heald and his team can manage the entire project for you. By discussing your needs, developing the design, dealing with the council planning process, building and then tidying up at the end. All you’ll do is enjoy your new timber deck… When the weather improves!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

A new timber deck for your Launceston home will be well used once the warmer weather arrives.
A new timber deck for your Launceston home will be well used once the warmer weather arrives.