The only problem with holidays to Asia, North Queensland and other tropical destinations is that sooner rather than later, your holiday will be over. While you can start dreaming about your next holiday, what if you could bring the holiday feel back to your home with a new Sydney patio?

Tropical-style patios have become a popular trend in outdoor living design and rightfully so. One of the allures of these patios lies in the nostalgic echoes of our visits to destinations like Bali or other Asian regions. However, providing a backyard retreat that conjures fond memories of recent sojourns is only one of the benefits.

Beyond the sentimental connection, a tropical style patio exudes an ambiance of tranquillity and relaxation. They provide a great place to escape from the daily stresses of life. They’re also the perfect spot to host a casual get-together with friends and family.

5 tips to create a tropical style Sydney patio

  1. We often sing the praises of steel in outdoor structures, but for a tropical style patio, timber is generally the best choice. Choose robust, dark timber posts, beams and support structures. Integrate timber screens into the design and extend the timber theme to the flooring with a striking hardwood timber deck. Enhance the natural beauty of the timber by using oils or stains.
  2. It’s not just about the patio. The decorative features and surrounds are also important. Use Asian-style statues, readily available in local hardware or garden supply stores. Consider adding a water feature to evoke memories of tropical resorts. Introduce mood lighting for evening charm.
  3. What would a tropical style patio be without greenery? If you’re not much of a green thumb, consult your local nursery for plants that complement the tropical aesthetic and thrive in the Sydney climate. Possible choices include palms, ferns, bamboo, bromeliads and cordylines. It’s not just the garden area. Some well-chosen pots and vertical gardens can work wonders.
  4. Creating a tropical style Sydney patio anywhere is relatively easy, but capturing the essence of the tropics in winter demands extra effort. Explore various outdoor heating options – gas, electricity or solid fuel – to maintain warmth and allow you to use your outside area more often.
  5. While the visual appeal of your patio promotes relaxation, comfortable outdoor furniture is indispensable. Uphold the tropical theme with garden furniture crafted from materials like timber and wicker. Elevate both comfort and aesthetics with outdoor cushions, ensuring your patio becomes a haven you’ll linger in.

Bring your Sydney patio dream to life

We’re not travel agents, but we can evoke memories of your sojourn by designing and building a new tropical style patio for your Sydney home. Phone us on 1800 601 674 and if you live in the northern parts of Sydney we’ll get Oliver from our Lane Cove branch to contact you.

Like all our branches managers, Oliver specialises in providing customised solutions. Any size patio, in any style. If you want robust and dark timber, we can do that. However, if you’d prefer steel that’s your choice. Every aspect of your patio can be customised to suit you and your home.

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Evoke memories of dream holidays in exotic destinations with a tropical style Sydney patio, designed and built by Outside Concepts.
Evoke memories of dream holidays in exotic destinations with a tropical style Sydney patio, designed and built by Outside Concepts.