If you’re after a timber for a deck or outdoor project that’s deep-red or brown in colour, it’s hard to surpass the unique beauty of Jarrah.

Jarrah is a Eucalptus timber that’s native to the Southwest of Western Australia, where it is a prolific grower. It is a very heavy, dense timber, which is one of the qualities that make it attractive to the  building industry. It’s also termite-resistant, tough, water resistant and, because of its denseness, is even resistant to fire. But perhaps its best known quality is its deep, rich, almost honey-like colour and beautiful grain.

Due to its qualities, Jarrah has been extensively used in the construction and transport industry, for example in bridges, wharves, power poles and railway sleepers. For the builder of outside structures, Jarrah is most used as a DAR (dress all round) decking board, a use for which it excells because of it’s tough, durable qualities.

Jarrah timber is sourced from select forests in Western Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory.

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