Verandahs are as Australian as a kangaroo or a meat pie

(Certainly more Aussie than a Holden!) and it may also be one of the most practical investments you can make in your home.

A verandah in Melbourne will give you years of use

A well-designed and built verandah will give you years of enjoyment and comfort. It can help to keep the sun off you and your furniture, and be a saviour on rainy days when you’ve run from the car and can’t find the keys to your house at the bottom of your bag! In addition, a well-designed verandah can help reduce heat inside your home.

A verandah will pay you back in spades

A verandah won’t just be practical for you; it will benefit future homeowners. This means that an Aussie verandah is an investment that will almost certainly pay for itself when you come to sell your home.

A new verandah? Here are our tips

Here are a few tips from Outside Concepts if you’re considering building a new verandah for your home:

  • Think carefully about your verandah’s aspect. A verandah on the south of your home won’t get a lot of sun, while one built to the east or west will get morning or evening sun, respectively. A verandah on the north side of your home is perhaps the best option if you have a choice, as it’s possible to block out the harsh summer sun while still letting the low winter sun in.
  • Likewise, also consider prevailing winds and the direction of the rain.
  • Consider how wide you want your verandah to be, particularly when considering the sun and wind. A narrow verandah may not provide adequate protection from the sun and rain, while a wide verandah will provide year-round protection from the elements.
  • Think about what you want to use your verandah for. You’ll need a larger verandah if you want to use it as an entertainment area, while a small verandah may be perfect for a small table and chairs or a place for a bench seat.
  • What type of materials do you want to use for your new verandah? A timber verandah can be stylish, while a metal one is low maintenance. Your decision may also depend on what materials are used in your home, particularly if you want to closely match your home’s style.
  • Your budget will also play a big part. Regarding budget, remember that Outside Concepts are experts at helping you get the most bang for your buck.

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A verandah - a practical investment that is as Aussie as it comes.