Steel pergola with FlatDek and polycarbonate roof by Outside Concepts Eastern

Steel pergola with FlatDek and polycarbonate roof by Outside Concepts Eastern

Many new home designs focus on getting maximum living space inside the house while foregoing attention to outdoor living space. They are built without pergolas or patios and so a significant proportion of new home buyers become clients of Outside Concepts – the outdoor living professionals.

Here’s a great example in Harrogate, South Australia. Outside Concepts Eastern was called in to address this very issue – a brand new home with no outdoor covered area. We designed and built a large, low-maintenance outdoor verandah to compliment the home. Our clients favoured a gable roof providing ample headroom and allowing maximum light to enter the interior of the house. This has been boosted by the addition of Ampelite Lexan polycarbonate skylight panels.

The roof uses Lysaght FlatDek roof sheets in Woodland Grey. Notice that the underside of these sheets are Classic Cream. This means that you can match the house roof colour with your exterior awning roof sheet colour while keeping the interior of your space light and bright at the same time.

The 90 x 90 powder coated Duragal posts are proportioned for visual compatibility while being carefully engineered to manage bearing weight and wind load. The posts are also powder coated in Woodland Grey to match the eaves and downpipes and the new home’s colour scheme.

For evening entertaining Lumex LED Lighting from P&R Electrical Wholesalers have been installed along the main Lysaght beam of the roof. These lights are low wattage and incredibly bright to suit an outdoor setting. They emit low heat levels, are discreet and are perfect for those concerned with high electricity prices.

So if you want a customised, well-designed and beautifully constructed outdoor living area – be it a pergola, patio, verandah or deck, come to those with a great reputation in the business and call Outside Concepts Eastern today!