With summer just around the corner, the entertainment and party season is about to hit full swing. And what better way to host a party or invite guests around for a casual get-together than a BBQ? With a little planning and preparation, your next event won’t just be a hit, it will also be stress-free.

Entertaining in Adelaide? Just a add a BBQ and a verandah

Here are our top tips to get ready for your next BBQ, in the days leading up to the big event:

  • If you haven’t given your verandah a good clean for quite a while, now’s the time. Sweep, clean and wipe all surfaces and, if you have a pressure cleaner, give everything a good wash.
  • Give the green area surrounding your verandah a bit of love and attention. Mow your lawn, give the garden area a good weed and perhaps reapply mulch, prune plants that need it, give the garden a good water and consider planting some potted colour for instant highlights.
  • Have you got enough furniture to fit everyone? If you intend to entertain a reasonable amount, it’s worth buying more outdoor furniture. Another alternative might be simply to move some furniture from inside the home, particularly if you don’t have large gatherings very often.
  • Even casual events can be spruced up with some decorations. You don’t need to go over the top. Adding things like a tablecloth to your table, potted plants and fairy lights will help make your verandah more cosy and inviting.
  • If you want to entertain outside even if the weather isn’t on your side, think about adding outdoor blinds to your Adelaide verandah. They’re great for the cold and the heat, and will do a good job of reducing the wind and rain.

Tips for the day before and the day of the event:

  • Make sure your BBQ is clean and the gas bottle is reasonably full. The last thing you want to do is have to drive to the petrol station to get a full gas bottle.
  • Think about what you want to serve. Sausages, steaks, chicken and chops are always a hit, but you might want to consider other foods. For example, it’s impressive to cook a whole fish on the BBQ or to cook prawns. Vegetables such as corn, zucchini, mushrooms and capsicum are all excellent on the BBQ. You can even cook pizzas or mouth-watering roasts.
  • Get enough ice to fill an esky or two so you don’t need to traipse into the house at regular intervals for drinks. For a similar reason, it’s also a good idea have a rubbish bin and recycling bin nearby.

No verandah? Just ask Brian!

If this blog has left you salivating for a BBQ party, but you don’t have a verandah for your Adelaide home, we know someone who can help.

Brian Rohan is the Outside Concepts branch manager for Adelaide’s Eastern Branch and he has a wealth of experience in building verandahs and other outdoor structures. Give us a call on 1800 601 674 or submit a form on Brian’s website page, and he’ll be in touch with you to set up a time to discuss your needs.

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Look forward to many BBQ parties in your Adelaide verandah, with these tips from Outside Concepts.
Look forward to many BBQ parties in your Adelaide verandah, with these tips from Outside Concepts.