When is a building permit required? Did you know that in some council areas you may be required to get a building permit to erect a deck? Did you know that you might not need a permit to build a pergola in some council areas, as long as meets certain criteria? Or that in many bushfire areas, you can’t simply replace timber stairs with another set of timber stairs because of new requirements?

Council regulations can be confusing, partly because they vary from council to council. And while it often seems like a lot of red tape, permits are a necessary part of the building process to ensure safety, as well as protection of the local environment and the rights of neighbours.

So, when is a building permit required?

The fact is there is no simple answer, as it will largely depend on where you live and your council.

The good thing is that if you choose to have your outside project completed by Outside Concepts, you can relax. Our branch managers have the knowledge and experience to know what types of constructions are allowed and not allowed, what materials can be used and whether a permit is required. In addition, we know the application process, so if a permit is required we can often get approval quicker than if you applied yourself.

When is a building permit required? Don’t worry about it, call Outside Concepts. It’s just one of the ways that Outside Concepts can make your next outside project easy and stress-free.

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When is a building permit required? Do I need a permit for this pergola?