If you live in Adelaide and your building a new timber deck or replacing the timbers on your old Adelaide deck, there are a myriad of decking timbers to choose from. So how do you make the right choice for your situation?

Let your Adelaide deck take inspiration from your natural environment

If you live in a bush environment surrounded by eucalypts, then using a eucalyptus decking timber such as Spotted Gum or Red Gum is a wise choice. While near the seaside, a grey-coloured timber often looks right at home.

What’s inside?

Another really good tip is to take a look at any timber flooring you have inside. It might not always be possible to use the same timber, because it might not be suitable for outside use, but a timber that will match the colour will work a treat.

Consider other factors

It’s not just the look you need to consider. Make sure you choose a decking timber that is suitable for outdoor use and strong and durable enough for the job. Budget also needs to be taken into account. A pine Adelaide deck is economical and can be an excellent choice for a timber deck.

If you’re environmentally minded, look for timbers that are sustainably certified. It’s best to also choose a timber that’s local to your area, to reduce pollution and resources required for transport.

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Choosing the right timber for your Adelaide deck is an important consideration