At Outside Concepts we pride ourselves on being innovative… And it’s not just in our outside construction designs!

Outside Concepts is now accepting credit card payments on the new and secure PayPal EFTPOS technology. Essentially, this allows us to take payments using any chip or pin-enabled credit or debit card using our smartphones and tablets, anywhere in Australia where there’s mobile coverage. Which is handy, as most of our people are busy building clients’ dreams rather than being stuck in an office!

For our customers, the most important point is that the system is incredibly secure. PayPal EFTPOS technology ensures that all data is encrypted to help protect your card information. Plus, the system is backed up by PayPal’s world-class security, risk and fraud management systems.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.