When you’re considering a large outdoor structure at your home, such as a new carport, deck, verandah or outside living area, one of the difficulties is deciding exactly what you want. These days we are blessed with so many different options, materials and styles that it can become confusing and difficult to make decisions.

While Outside Concepts will be happy to come to your house to give you ideas for your new outdoor structure, and provide a free design and quote, we understand that some will want to do a little research first, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Getting ideas for your new outdoor structure

  • Let your fingers do the walking, by using the Internet. The Outside Concepts website is a great place to start, but if you‘re after extra inspiration, as an example you can Google ‘outdoor structure’ and select the Images tab. Sites like houzz.com.au can also be a great resource.
  • Do it old school and pick up a magazine or book. There are so many magazines to choose from, including ones that specialise in outdoor living. Better still, you might be able to browse them for free at your local library or while waiting for your doctor or hairdresser!
  • Catch up on a television program. Better Homes and Gardens is a classic but there are plenty more to choose from. Even some of the reality shows, such as The Block and House Rules, will get you motivated and inspired.
  • Check to see if there’s an expo near you that focusses on outdoor structures. For example, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney all have expos focussing on pools, spas and outdoor living and most capital cities have home shows or garden shows that also include outdoor living.

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Where can you get ideas for your new outdoor structure?