Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. Which leads us to think that perhaps Confucius could have turned his hand to designing and building if being a philosopher hadn’t panned out. Because when it comes to outdoor structures, sometimes it’s the simplest designs that look the best. Like this Melbourne patio.

Stunning Melbourne patio

The Melbourne patio was designed and built by Jaan McKenzie and his team at Outside Concepts Western Branch in Victoria. The homeowners wanted a free-standing patio for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Using the house and other outside structures for inspiration, Jaan designed and built a simple patio that perfectly complements its surrounds.

The patio’s structure was built using Firmlok, a light structural steel beam that is light, strong and will never need re-painting, leaving the homeowners more time to enjoy their patio rather than maintain it. Low-maintenance steel was also used for the roofing, with a product called Flatdek chosen. Flatdek features an underside that has clean, uninterrupted lines with a gloss finish, which adds style to the project. Perspex infills were used on both ends of the patio to allow more light in.

The result? Beautiful simplicity… Or should that be simple beauty?

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View a simple but beautiful Melbourne patio built by Outside Concepts

This simple but beautiful Melbourne patio was built by Outside Concepts