Love holidaying in Bali and other Asian countries? Want to bring the feel of the tropics back home with you? While creating the all-year-round warm temperatures might be tricky, with our Bali patio design ideas you’ll feel like your back in Asia even when you are at home.

Bali patio design ideas:

  1. While we love building with steel, if you want to create a bit of Bali in your backyard, you’ve got to go with timber. Think large timber posts, beams and high or vaulted timber roofs. And use oils or stains rather than paints to keep the timber’s natural character on show.
  2. Don’t stop with a timber structure, get a timber deck. When thinking of a timber deck for your Bali-inspired patio, it’s hard to go past Merbau. For starters, Merbau is sourced largely from Asia and has a beautiful deep, reddish colour. It’s also very durable and resistant to rot and termites.
  3. When purchasing furniture for your patio, a combination of timber, wicker and outdoor cushions will do the trick. You don’t need to spend a fortune but don’t skimp either. You’ll definitely need your furniture to be comfortable – you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new patio!
  4. To complete the Bali theme, don’t just stop with a new patio. Balinese statues, a water feature, screening and mood lighting will help complete the look you are after.
  5. The other big ticket item to complete the look is your garden. If you live in the southern states you might think it’s impossible to create a tropical-look garden but it’s not. Plants such as palms, ferns, cordylines, clivia, bamboo, flaxes and bromeliads will tolerate the cold and provide a tropical feel. A great idea is to visit your local nursery to see what will grow in your area.

Which brings us to our number one tip – give Outside Concepts a call. We have all the advice, knowledge and experience to make your new Balinese-inspired patio a reality.

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Statues and a tropical-looking garden are 2 of our top 5 Bali patio design ideas.