How can a Melbourne carport be much more than just a carport? This might sound like a trick question with no correct answer, but stick with us as the answer is certainly not a trick. What’s more, it’s as simple as it is ingenious.

With block sizes seemingly getting smaller and smaller, these days there’s not a lot of space left on Melbourne blocks after the house has been built. So, what if you want a new carport and a large entertainment area for your Melbourne home, but there’s only space for one?

The answer – which is quite obvious when it’s pointed out – is to build one structure that will cater for both needs. And while the answer can be obvious, getting the structure right will take a bit of clever planning.

A Melbourne carport and entertainment area in one

The first step to ensure your Melbourne carport come entertainment area is a success is to make a cuppa. Not that a coffee or tea will help that much, but at least it will force you to sit down for 10 minutes, so you can spend some time jotting down your needs. For example, you’ll want to answer questions such as:

  • How many cars will your new carport ideally fit?
  • Do you have the space on your block to build a carport that’s large enough to fit your cars? If not, you may need to compromise in size.
  • How often will you use this space to entertain? Will it only be occasionally or will it be more regular?
  • How often will you use the space to relax or do you have another, smaller outdoor area you can use for relaxing?

While there will be more questions to answer during the design process, this will at least be a good starting point in understanding your needs and how you will likely use your Melbourne carport come entertainment area. For example, if you’ll only use the new space as an occasional entertainment area, you’ll probably be more concerned about making sure the space meets your car parking needs. If it’s more regular, you’ll want to give thought to how quickly and easily you can turn your carport into an entertainment area.

Here are some ideas:

  • If space allows, you might want to incorporate storage in your new Melbourne carport where you can store furniture and a barbecue. This might be as simple as hooks and shelves for folding chairs and a table-top barbecue, or be a more elaborate cupboard shelving system.
  • Speaking of furniture and a barbecue, it might be all well and good to move larger, solid options to your Melbourne carport for an irregular party, but if you want to use the space more often then options such as folding chairs, a folding table and a compact barbecue are worth investing in.
  • If privacy and exposure are concerns, consider closing in one or more sides of your carport. Alternatively, you might want to install outdoor blinds, which you can easily lower and raise at a whim.

One place to go for your new Melbourne carport

Whether you want a carport that’s just a carport or a space that can double as an entertainment area, there’s only one company you need to call. Outside Concepts can build your new Melbourne carport, using quality materials and professional, qualified builders.

Give us a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise a time to discuss your project.

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When is a Melbourne carport much more than just a carport?
When is a Melbourne carport much more than just a carport?