We get it. You’re an outside of the square thinker, an early adopter, an innovator and you want a new patio to match. You want a patio that’s a bit different, a little unconventional, something that looks unlike any other patio in the street. Well, how about a curved patio roof to satisfy your personality?

Well, yes, a curved patio roof may seem a bit out there and they are certainly a bit different to the patio roofs you’ll mostly see, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior in any way. A curved patio roof is just as strong, stable, sound and durable as many other types of patio roofs and will therefore give you many years of low-maintenance satisfaction.

The curved patio roof is more suited to the contemporary or modern style of house that is so popular today and will suit any setting, from inner city to bush. A major advantage of the curved patio roof is that it will provide more space, particularly underneath the middle of the curve, than a conventional flat roof patio. This additional space will compliment the inside ceiling space that’s so often used in modern houses.

While a curved patio roof can be built with all the normal materials, most commonly steel or aluminium rafters and polycarbonate roofing are used. This will provide a very practical patio roof, with good light transmission and UV protection, that won’t break the bank.

So, if it’s a sophisticated and stylish roof you want, consider the curved patio roof. And when you’re ready to take the next step, give Outside Concepts a call. We’ll provide a free quote and design for you, often on the spot.

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A curved patio roof will add interest and style to your contemporary or modern house.