Lounge out on a beautifully constructed deck by Outside Concepts.

The experienced team at Outside Concepts are experts at customising decks and pergolas based on the layout of your existing home, your budget and local planning regulations.

Beautiful, long-lasting materials

At Outside Concepts, we proudly make some of our beautiful decks using a range of Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, River Red Gum and Spotted Gum.

Jarrah is a eucalyptus timber with a beautifully rich reddish-brown colour. It is a dense timber that is also termite and water resistant, making it a durable decking material. The spotted gum and the river red gum are also eucalyptus timbers known for their attractive grain, and are seen as cheaper, attractive alternatives to materials such as steel or aluminium.

For home improvement projects on a budget, Outside Concepts recommends the cost-effective treated pine decking a tough and durable material which continues to improve with developing manufacturing technologies.

Homeowners looking to build decks in bushfire-prone areas are also looked after at Outside Concepts, with designs available for tiled decks.

Ask the experts

Thinking of taking on a home improvement project? Get in touch with our experienced representatives to advise on installing your dream deck.

To ensure your deck’s durability and longevity, Outside Concepts recommends screwing down all decking boards instead of nailing them using softwood joists to avoid nails popping up over time and ensure the stability for the deck structure. Make sure you are clear on the fixing details you prefer when asking for quotes, as nailing is cheaper than screwing.

Outside Concepts decks will maintain their excellent condition for even longer under cover of a roof or awning, ask our representatives how you can have one installed along with a new deck.

Contact your nearest Outside Concepts representatives for more information on how to find the deck to fit your home.




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