If you’re the type of person who lines up for the latest iPhone, orders their new car in pink or simply likes things a little different, chances are you’ll also want something a bit unusual for your outdoor structure. Perhaps a curved patio roof is for you!

Why a curved patio roof? Perhaps the question is why not? Modern curved roofs are just as strong as other roofing styles and, in terms of functionality, will admirably perform the job that it’s designed to do – keep the sun and the rain out of your outdoor area.

The beauty of the curved patio roof is that it can turn a functional but otherwise mundane outdoor area into a sophisticated and stylish showpiece. They can be built using polycarbonate roofing sheets, to allow more light in, or the classic corrugated steel, which is available in a wide range of colours. You can even incorporate a curved patio roof section with a more standard-style roof section to add further interest.

Consider a curved patio roof

So, if you’re thinking of installing a new outdoor area at your house, or want to replace the roof on your existing structure, think outside the box and consider the curved roof.

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A curved patio roof over an outdoor structure can add style and interest