Carport with Roller Door

Do you think the main image on this page shows a carport or a garage? Well, it might surprise many to learn that this structure, built in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove, is actually a carport. Yes, it has a roller door and part of the sides are enclosed, but part of the structure is still open.

Which begs the question, when does a carport become a garage and vice-a-versa?

The determination is whether the structure is fully enclosed or not. A garage built for your Sydney home will be fully enclosed. It will have a roof, an end wall, two side walls and a door. A carport won’t be fully enclosed. It will have a roof and it may have an end wall, side walls and a door, but it won’t have them all.

Whether you want to have a carport or a garage built for your Sydney house is really up to you. One of the main benefits of carports over garages is that they are generally cheaper to build. This is because there are less materials required and less labour costs. Carports may also require less red tape, but it depends on where you live and your local council’s specific rules.

Lane Cove carport a groovy job

The main carport image on this page, as mentioned, is in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove. It was designed and built by our Lane Cove branch, which covers a large area of the northern suburbs of Sydney.

The brief for the project was to design and install a complete custom made carport. The goal was to include timber carport detail and a tiled roof to match the style of the customer’s home. In addition to the roof, this was done by including a custom made timber side gate, a partition tongue and groove wall (thus the groovy subheading!) and timber sectional automatic roller door.

The result certainly fulfils the brief. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to know that the carport wasn’t built at the same time as the Sydney home.

Customisation the key

Whether you’re having a carport built, as in this case, or another outside structure, such as a patio, timber deck or pergola, providing customised solutions is something that sets Outside Concepts apart.

All our projects are completely customised to meet the exact requirements of the homeowners. So, if you’re building a carport for your home and you want a tiled roof instead of a metal roof, that’s no problem. If you want a roller door on the front for more privacy and security, that’s okay too. It’s your project and it’s your choice.

To customise a carport to suit you, first, think about what you need. Do you need more space, or stronger materials, or extra protection from the weather? Then, when you speak to your Outside Concepts carport builder you can can be clear on your needs.  Your Outside Concepts tradesman will help you select the right materials to use, will build it safely, and knows how to make it look good too.

Get a quote from Outside Concepts

To discuss a carport project for your Sydney home, or any outside structure job, get in touch with Outside Concepts to organise a no-obligation discussion, design and quote. Simply call us on 1800 601 674 and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Are the Sydney structures shown on this page carports or garages? Read on to discover!
Are the Sydney structures shown on this page carports or garages? Read on to discover!