A question we get regularly asked is ‘Can I build a carport in the front of my house

Will it fit ?

This does make sense because many properties don’t have sufficient space for a carport along side the house.  In a suburban situation, only a short driveway is needed when the carport is in front of the house.

Are you allowed to do it ?

Apart from fitting the carport onto the front of your property, building a carport in front of your house in Australia also involves navigating various regulations and requirements, which can vary significantly from one state or territory to another.

To provide a comprehensive guide, let’s break down the key considerations and general requirements for constructing a carport in front of your house across each Australian state and territory while emphasizing the importance of checking local council regulations, as these can differ even within states.

NSW 482x431 1

Approval Process: For many properties in NSW, carports classified as exempt developments do not require a planning or building approval, provided they meet specific criteria outlined in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

Key Requirements: The carport must be located behind the building line of any road frontage, and adhere to height and size limitations.

Vic 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: In Victoria, building a carport may require a planning permit from your local council, especially if it’s located in the front yard. The need for a permit depends on the overlay controls affecting your property and the specific requirements of the local council.
  • Key Requirements: Carports must comply with the Building Regulations 2018, which dictate standards on height, size, and distance from the street.
Qld 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: Queensland homeowners may need to obtain a building approval from a private building certifier for carports. Some carports might be exempt from requiring this approval if they meet criteria under the Queensland Development Code.
  • Key Requirements: The carport should not encroach on the front boundary setback and must meet specific size and height requirements.
WA 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: In WA, the need for a building permit for carports varies based on size and location. Carports built in front of the house often require approval due to their visibility from the street.
  • Key Requirements: Compliance with the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) is essential, which includes limitations on street setbacks, height, and visual impact.
SA 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: South Australian homeowners need to check with their local council regarding the necessity of planning and building approvals for carports in front of their house. Exemptions exist but are specific to dimensions and zoning.
  • Key Requirements: Regulations may include setback from the front boundary, height restrictions, and aesthetic considerations to ensure the carport is in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.
Tas 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: In Tasmania, constructing a carport may require both planning and building approvals, depending on its size and location. The local council can provide guidance based on the specific property and project.
  • Key Requirements: Setback requirements, height limits, and the impact on the streetscape are significant considerations.
NT 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: Homeowners in the NT should consult with their local council to determine if a building permit is required for a carport. Regulations can vary significantly across different councils.
  • Key Requirements: Key considerations include visual impact, setback from boundaries, and compliance with cyclone ratings.
ACT 482x431 1
  • Approval Process: The ACT has specific criteria for carports to be considered exempt development. If these criteria are not met, you will need to apply for approval.
  • Key Requirements: The carport must meet size, height, and boundary setback requirements, and not adversely affect the amenity of the area.

General Advice Across All States:

  • Local Council Regulations: Always check with your local council for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding approvals and requirements for building a carport in front of your house. Local councils may have specific guidelines that affect the design, placement, and approval process.
  • Hiring Professionals: Consider consulting with a professional builder like Outside Concepts who is familiar with local regulations to assist in the design and approval process. They can help ensure that your carport meets all legal requirements and complements the aesthetic of your home.

Remember, adhering to state and local regulations not only ensures the legality of your construction but also contributes to the safety and visual harmony of your community.

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