How can a simple verandah magically let people find your front door?

It might sound a little farfetched, but a verandah can work magic if you have an issue at your house that is more common than you might think. The issue relates to your front door and what happens when visitors to your home can’t find it. This often occurs when people can see two entry doors or when the front door is hidden around the side.

Instead of calling a signwriter to install a sign to point the way (or a magician!), you should call Outside Concepts to help you solve the issue instead. Because an excellent way to help people find the front door is to highlight it by framing it with a verandah. This simple solution not only works it’s also affordable and inviting.

Take the case of an Outside Concepts customer in Melbourne. They called our Melbourne Bayside Branch to help them overcome their hard to find front door. The solution that Outside Concepts designed and built for the homeowners was a small verandah to frame the difficult to see front door. The verandah’s design and colours match perfectly with the house. It not only helps visitors find the way, but also protects them from harsh sun and rain. A small merbau deck and steps were also installed to complete the job.

As well as building a verandah – or perhaps a pergola – to frame your front door, here are some other ways you can help visitors find your main entrance:

  • Create an inviting path that leads the way to the front door. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a traditional path made from pavers; you can use stepping stones, brick paving or even a timber boardwalk for your grand entrance.
  • Hedges, pots or a series of chunky posts can also help people find their way.
  • Lights can be especially good for this situation, particularly at night. Lights along a path will do the trick, augmented by a light near your door.
  • A colourful door can also help, such as a red door against a grey house. If bright colours are not your thing, make sure your door provides a contrast against the rest of the house and the surrounds.

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