What do the two structures pictured on this page have in common? Apart from both being carports and both being located in Sydney?

While on the surface they look very different, employ a different roof style, are different sizes and feature different colours. There is, however, one vital thing they share. They both perfectly match the home that they sit alongside.

It’s a match!

The Sydney carport in the main image is a single timber carport with a tiled roof. It was built as part of a turnkey project to deliver an improved driveway as well as the carport.

The carport itself, as we’ve already alluded to, is designed to match the home. This includes matching the traditional decorative façade of the home and the modern colour detailing. The carport seamlessly flows to the contemporary rear extension of the Sydney home. As part of the project, the driveway was widened and a stunning herringbone recycled brick paver surface laid.

The carport in the other image is also built in timber, but it is a double carport featuring a tiled roof. Like the other carport, great care and attention went into the design and build to ensure it perfectly matches the home. This includes the incorporation of decorative detail at the front of the carport and the application of colours.

As part of the carport project, the driveway was widened and a full front garden makeover completed. The front landscaping includes a new automated sliding aluminium gate, fencing, lawn, path, and feature plants and shrubs to create a beautiful façade to the home.

Call the Sydney carports professionals

There is one other thing that the two carports in the images have in common. They were both designed and built by Outside Concepts’ Lane Cove branch.

To create a carport that perfectly matches a home, Oliver and his team from our Lane Cove branch look at features such as:

  • The style of the home. A carport built for a contemporary or modern home will be designed very differently from one built for a federation or older style house.
  • The roof shape of the home – e.g. flat, gable, hip, Dutch gable, etc.
  • The materials used in the home. For example, the materials used in the roof, façade and other areas of the house.
  • Whether the home has any decorative features that can be replicated in the carport.
  • What colours are used on the exterior of the home.

While it seems simple, achieving a carport that perfectly matches the home can be tricky in practice for many people. But not for Oliver. Which is why, if you’re thinking of designing and building a carport for your Sydney home and you live in the northern suburbs of Sydney, you need to contact Outside Concepts.

Phone us on 1800 601 674 and we’ll get Oliver to contact you. Otherwise, head to the Lane Cove branch page on our website and submit a contact form.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

If you’re designing and building a new carport for your Sydney house, how can you make sure it perfectly matches your home?

If you’re designing and building a new carport for your Sydney house, how can you make sure it perfectly matches your home?