We’re quite friendly people here at Outside Concepts, however, if you’re considering building a new outdoor living area in Geelong we’re going to be pretty firm with you… But only when it comes to the choice of structural material!

What we’re referring to is the use of a product called Firmlok, proprietary steel beams used in structural material. We use Firmlok quite a lot at Outside Concepts for all types of projects, including patios, pergolas, verandahs and carports. The ‘clever’ beams consist of two C-sections that lock together to form a strong structural material.  Firmlok is extremely durable, doesn’t warp or split, is uniform and is perfect when used as structural beams and purlins.

New Geelong outdoor living area? Firmlok a clever choice

The clever part about Firmlok is that while it is strong and durable, it is also light, easy to work with and can be prefabricated off-site. That’s great for us as we can erect your new Geelong outdoor living area reasonably quickly. Which also makes it great for you, as using Firmlok can help reduce the cost of your Geelong outdoor living area project. Which is why, in some cases, using Firmlok is cheaper than using timber.

The other really clever part about Firmlok is that it comes in a range of colours, looks great and, best of all, will never need painting and will require minimal maintenance. Leaving you more time to relax and entertain in your Geelong outdoor living area!

Low-maintenance Geelong outdoor living area

While its low-maintenance aspect is only one of the reasons to choose Firmlok, if it’s the main reason you choose it you’ll most likely want to look for other ways to make your new Geelong outdoor living area practically maintenance-free.

For example, when it comes to the gutters and downpipes, metal is your best choice. When it comes to the roofing material, while most options are low-maintenance, for maintenance-free your best choice will be steel roofing sheets, such as Colorbond.

By using Firmlok, metal gutters and downpipes, and metal roofing sheets, you can choose the same colour (or complementary colours) for all your materials to match or complement your home. All without you having to use a paintbrush, now or anytime in the future!

Outside Concepts Geelong Branch

If you live in Geelong and are considering a new outdoor living area – whether it be a patio, pergola or verandah – before you choose your materials, choose your reliable partner to get the job done – Outside Concepts Geelong Branch.

Jaan McKenzie and his team (Jaan also manages the Western Suburbs branch in Melbourne) have designed and built hundreds of outdoor structures in the Geelong area. They can help with all the key decisions, such as what materials to choose, as well design, council planning, building and clean-up at the end of the project.

Take a look at our Geelong Branch page on the Outside Concepts website to find out more about Jaan and his team, and look at some examples of work they have completed.

Be inspired and get planning. Your new outdoor living area may be only a phone call (1800 601 674) away!

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Considering a new Geelong outdoor living area? Be firm on your choice of materials.