Creating light filled rooms has to be one of the trend phrases in interior design, with all of us seemingly wanting more natural light and less reliance on artificial lighting. The good news is you can satisfy this yearning for more light in your outdoor living area as well, with the help of polycarbonate roofing.

What is polycarbonate and why is it the answer to your prayers if you want your patio, pergola or verandah to have cover but not be too dark? Let’s find out more about this wonder material.

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonates are special plastics, called thermoplastics, that are naturally transparent, lightweight, strong and impact resistant. Which is why you can find polycarbonates used in eyewear, fighter jets and even bullet-proof glass!

One of the other attributes of polycarbonates is that they can be shaped. So, as well as being able to take the impact of rain, high winds, hail and other debris, polycarbonate roofing also looks great. You’ll can buy polycarbonate roof sheets in a variety of different profiles, including flat if you prefer. Plus, you can even curve polycarbonate roofing if a curved roof is what you’re after.

Other polycarbonate roofing benefits

  • One of the benefits of polycarbonate roof sheets is clear – it allows natural light into your patio, pergola, verandah or carport. If your outdoor structure adjoins a set of glass doors or windows, it will also do a great job of letting natural light into your home.
  • Most polycarbonate roofing has a protective film that filters out harmful UV rays.
  • As well as coming in different profiles, polycarbonate roof sheets are available in a range of colours and tints. Remember, however, that the strength of the colour or tint will reduce natural light entering your outdoor living area.
  • It’s lightweight nature makes polycarbonate roofing easy to install.
  • Polycarbonate roofing will help to keep the inside of your structure cooler.

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Polycarbonate roofing is a great solution if you want to let more light into your patio, pergola, verandah or carport.