Polycarbonate roofing – let there be light!

April 02, 2015 | Polycarbonate roofing | 0 comments | Author:

One of the easiest ways of letting light into an existing or new carport or outdoor living area is to fit polycarbonate roofing.

What is polycarbonate roofing?

It’s a thermoplastic material that’s strong, shatterproof and lightweight. In addition, it can withstand hot and cold temperatures, is rust-free and long lasting. In most cases, polycarbonate roofing also features a protective film that filters out harmful UV rays.

As well as letting light in, being relatively inexpensive and easy to use, polycarbonate roofing is extremely adaptable and comes in a range of options:

  • A choice of several different profiles, including the common corrugated profile.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colours.
  • Some polycarbonate roofing can be curved to suit a stunning curved roof.
  • There are even some polycarbonate materials with insulation, to help keep outdoor structures at a more even temperature.

Need more proof that polycarbonate material is a great material and worth another look? You might be interested to know that the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter, one of the newest and most sophisticated jet fighters ever, is made from high optical quality polycarbonate. If it’s good enough for someone travelling through the skies at nearly 2500 kilometres an hour, it’s probably good enough for your house!

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Polycarbonate roofing material is a great way of letting light into outdoor living areas

Polycarbonate roofing material is a great way of letting light into outdoor living areas


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