While roofing tiles are regularly used on modern buildings, and a tiled roof carport and tiled roof outdoor structure are now commonplace, the history of the roofing tile can be traced back a long time, in fact nearly 5000 years ago!

Back then, in Neolithic China, the first known clay roofing tiles were used. They were then used in Egypt, Greece and Rome, before the Romans introduced Europe to the tile’s durability. In fact, tiled roofs built by the Romans still exist, over 1200 year later.

While clay tiles were and still are popular in Europe, in Britain concrete and slate tiles are widely used. In Australia, the use of clay and concrete tiles is widespread.

Why consider a tiled roof carport or tiled roof outdoor structure?

  • They provide good noise and thermal insulation
  • Tiles won’t rust, warp or corrode
  • Because they won’t corrode, they are ideal for areas that endure sea spray
  • They are ideal for cold climates as they are impervious to frost and ice
  • They look great and are available in a wide-range of colours
  • They are easy to replace if required
  • It’s easy to modify a tiled roof, for example, if a skylight is to be fitted
  • They are rainwater and tank safe

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