If there’s one thing that can spoil time in your Melbourne verandah relaxing or entertaining, it’s pests. Particularly at this time of the year, flies, mosquitoes and other insects can have you running for the indoors faster than a speeding bullet.

So, how you can you be the Superman or Superwoman in your household and keep those pesky pests at bay? How can you enjoy more time outdoors without uninvited guests? And we don’t just mean that annoying family member or neighbour!

Here are our top tips for keeping pests out of your Melbourne verandah:

  • Don’t attract insects in the first place. Standing water, for example, can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, regularly tip out water that’s accumulated in any containers. If you have a water pond or water feature, keep the water circulating, remove rotting vegetation, keep fish in the water or use a commercially available pesticide.
  • Citronella has been proven to repel bugs, which is why you can find products like candles, torches, coils and sprays on the market. The range of these products is quite limited, so to be effective you will need a few of them to cover the average verandah area.
  • Should you therefore surround your Melbourne verandah in citronella? While it’s not a bad idea – the scent is lovely – it probably won’t help keep bugs away. That’s because the citronella plant doesn’t contain enough essential oil to do the job. Plants like lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, bay trees, basil, mint and rosemary can help, but are little more than a deterrent and are unlikely to work alone.
  • What about those bug zappers that you can purchase from a hardware store? While they can be effective in killing bugs, they indiscriminately kill all insects that are attracted to them. Often, they’re not the insects you want to get rid of. They generally don’t, for example, attract and kill mosquitoes.
  • Insect sprays and roll-ons are definitely good options. They’re safe, long-lasting and reasonably effective.
  • Cover up with clothing, particularly in the evening and at night when mosquitoes are more likely to be around. In summer, wear light, loose-fitting tops and/or pants.
  • When it’s hot, turn on an electric fan or preferably a few. Mosquitoes, in particular, will struggle to fly against the airflow.
  • The best way to stops pests being pests in verandahs, patios and pergolas is to keep them out, with outdoor blinds. Well-designed and fitted blinds will keep most pests out of your outdoor living area, so you can enjoy it all to yourself.

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You don’t need to be Superman or Superwomen to keep nasty insects out of your Melbourne verandah this summer.
You don’t need to be Superman or Superwomen to keep nasty insects out of your Melbourne verandah this summer.