Question: How can you build a carport (or for that matter any outdoor structure) with posts on only one side?

Answer: The cantilever Carport

Cantilever carports, known for their unique design where the structure is supported on one side while the other extends over the area to be covered, offer several advantages and disadvantages.


Space Efficiency

The Cantilever carport design minimises the need for support poles on all sides, providing more usable space.

Modern Aesthetics

Cantilever carports have a sleek, modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of a property.

Versatility in Design

Canterlevel carports can be installed in various locations, including tight spaces where traditional carports might not fit.

Reduced Obstructions

With fewer poles, canterlever carports have less risk of vehicle damage from accidental collisions.



Cantilever carports can be more expensive than traditional carports due to the complexity of their design and the need for robust support on one side.

Limitation in Size

Due to the cantilever design, these carports may not be suitable for covering large areas or multiple vehicles.

Structural Requirements

The installation might require a stronger foundation and more rigorous structural support, adding to the complexity and cost.

Weather Resistance

Depending on the design, cantilever carports may offer less protection from certain weather conditions like heavy snowfall or high winds.

cantilever carport

Cantilever carport using FirmLock Flat