Most of us understand the importance of adding insulation to the roof of our Brisbane homes, so why not add an insulated roof to your patio? That’s right, it is possible to add insulation to the roof of your patio, but is the investment worth it?

Insulated roof for patios and other outdoor structures

Essentially, insulated roofs for patios and other outdoor structures are three products in one.

At the top is the metal roofing material, similar to Colorbond, with different profiles available to suit the style of your home. Underneath is a sleek ceiling material that looks great and will add style to your Brisbane patio. In between is the key material, an insulated core that is thermally efficient.

The insulated roofing panels are strong enough to span quite significant lengths unsupported. This means that fewer posts and other supporting structures are required and makes installation quick and easy. Generally, you can also incorporate electrical wiring for lights, fans and strip heaters.

Insulated roof patios in Brisbane

Why should you install an insulated roof patio for your Brisbane home?

The key benefits of the roofs can be seen in hot or cold weather. While we don’t get a lot of cold weather in Brisbane, when it is cold the insulated roof will help to keep the warmth inside your patio, particularly if you have heating.

The real advantage of the insulated roof patios for Brisbane, however, is in hot weather. They provide all important shade and do an excellent job of reducing direct heat transfer through the roof, when compared with a standard patio roof.

Other advantages of insulated roof patios include:

  • They help reduce noise from rain, hail, wind and other sources.
  • They’re strong and durable and can withstand the Brisbane elements. Some are even approved for areas where cyclones can occur.
  • They look great in any patio.
  • Their ability to span significant lengths reduces the need for numerous supporting beams.

While insulated roof patios can cost more than a patio with a standard roof, most people would agree that the cost is worthwhile. The outcome is that you’ll have a patio that will be cooler in the hot weather and warmer in the cold weather. That means you can spend more time comfortably outdoors, entertaining and relaxing.

Insulated walls for your patio?

If you’re now convinced that an insulated roof patio is the way to go, you might want to take it a step further and add walls to your patio and use insulated panels.

As demonstrated in the second image on this page, it is also possible to add insulated panels to the walls of a patio.

Insulated roof patios in North Brisbane

If you’re interested to find out more about insulated roof patios and you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, contact Martin Harris. He’s the branch owner of Outside Concepts North Brisbane. While Martin can design and build you the entire range of stunning outdoor structures, one of his specialties is insulated roof patios.

His branch services all the northern suburbs, including inner city North Brisbane, Kedron, Ashgrove, Grange, Alderley, Wooloowin and many more. 

Contact Martin today by phoning 1800 601 674 or submitting a form on his contact page.

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Are insulated roof patios in Brisbane worth the investment?

Are insulated roof patios in Brisbane worth the investment?