Sure, Colorbond roofing, tiled roofs and polycarbonate roofing are all good, but what if you’re looking for something a bit different for your outdoor structure? What if you are looking for some different pergola roof ideas?

These days, there are a wide variety of roofing options for you to consider, depending on your needs.

Pergola roof ideas

  • Insulated roofing material is becoming more and more popular, particularly as summer temperatures rise. This material, which features a roof, insulation and ceiling in one, can dramatically lower the temperature inside your outdoor room, allowing you to spend more time outside.
  • There are a variety of louvered roofing materials hitting the market. The idea is relatively simple: on rainy days or when you want to reduce your sun exposure, the louvers can be closed to provide protection and opened again when the conditions are right.
  • For maximum versatility, there’s the retractable roof. Again, there are a variety of options, including the more economical retractable awnings.
  • What about a green roof? While not a cheap option and certainly not low maintenance, if you’re green-minded or lacking garden space, a living roof made up of plants may be the answer.

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