The verandah is as Aussie as meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars, right? Well, not quite and it’s not just the Holden car that doesn’t ring true in the statement. You see, verandahs, even verandahs that adorn Brisbane homes, are not truly Australian.

Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all in this article and show you how you can add a new, not quite Australian verandah to your Brisbane home.

The Brisbane verandah is not an Aussie invention

While there are many who believe the word verandah comes from Portugal or Spain, most historians point out that its origins come from India.

Early examples of verandas in domestic architecture in India were alindas or otalas. They were common features due to the warm climate. These spaces served for both social and religious purposes, offering a place for neighbours to gather, children to play and rituals to be performed.

According to the Heritage 21 website, the verandah was brought to Australia by English military officers who had been stationed in India. This started in around 1788, which is why the verandah is common in many of our earlier colonial houses.

This long history of verandahs in Australia is perhaps why we think of them as our own. Another reason is the popularity of verandahs on Queenslander-style houses, which are still extremely popular in the Brisbane area.

Wrapping verandahs around the entire home was used as a way of dealing with the heat of our subtropical climate. While a Brisbane verandah will certainly help you deal with the heat in 2024, these days a verandah has also become a place to relax and entertain outdoors. A verandah also adds a lot of style to any home, whether you have a Queenslander or a more modern abode.

Add an iconic Brisbane verandah to your home

A verandah may not be as Aussie as a kangaroo, but having a Brisbane verandah attached to your house is quintessentially Australian. And it makes sense. Beyond its cultural significance, the practicality and aesthetic appeal a verandah can bring to any home are undeniable.

If you want to add a new verandah to your home, to maximise your investment it’s crucial to consider the design carefully. The design should reflect the style of your existing home. It should either complement or match your home. The same goes for materials and colours.

Additionally, factor in the size of your verandah. If sun protection is a priority, as it’s likely to be in Brisbane, the width may vary depending on its orientation. For rain protection, consider prevailing winds and the direction of your local weather.

By carefully considering the design of your verandah, a comfortable and stylish outdoor space will be assured.

Outside Concepts is a great Aussie tradition

The verandah may not be 100% Australian, but Outside Concepts is. We’re a team of independently owned franchises and have built thousands of home improvement projects – including verandahs – Australia-wide.

Our team includes the Outside Concepts South Brisbane branch, owned and managed by Brody Glasby. If you live in the southern parts of Brisbane, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form on Brody’s website page and he’ll organise a time to visit to discuss your project.

Embrace this Aussie tradition – the Brisbane tradition – of the verandah. It’s not just good looking, it’s practical and adds value to your property.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

The Brisbane verandah may not have been invented in Australia, but we’ve certainly taken it to heart.
The Brisbane verandah may not have been invented in Australia, but we’ve certainly taken it to heart.