Entering a Brisbane verandah can be akin to stepping into a chapter of Australian history, particularly if it’s a classic Queenslander home. While there are many things that sets a Queenslander apart, such as the use of timber, high ceilings, French doors, timber detailing and glazing, it’s their expansive verandahs that perhaps makes Queenslanders so distinctive.

Whether you own a Queenslander home or not, are there verandah ideas from these classic homes that you can use to inspire a new addition to your home? You bet, and to help you along the way Outside Concepts have produced these top verandah ideas for your home.

Verandah ideas for your Brisbane home

  • If there is one take-out from Queenslander homes that you should absolutely use when adding a new Brisbane verandah, it’s to grasp the concept of wide spaces. The expansive verandahs of old created ideal settings for informal living throughout the year. They offered comfortable, sheltered spaces to enjoy refreshing breezes, cool drinks, relaxation and entertainment. We could all use a lot more of this in 2024!
  • Another concept you can use from classic Queenslanders, if your situation allows, is elevation. An elevated verandah allows air to circulate underneath and ensures any cool breeze is maximised. At the same time, this will also provide elevated views so you can see more than just a fence or the building next door.
  • A quintessential Queenslander is recognised by its verandah framed with timber posts, brackets and decorative details. Heritage detailing can extend to other fixtures such as gables, louvres, lattice, battens, coloured glass and transoms. As well as aesthetic appeal and character, these elements provide privacy, sun protection and help facilitate air movement, ensuring a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.
  • It’s fair to say that most Queenslanders didn’t tick the box for blending the indoors and outdoors, but your verandah should. This can be done by utilising French doors, a hallmark of Queenslander design, between the inside of your home and your new verandah. This will seamlessly link the house to the verandah and will help keep the inside of your home cooler. Consider adding features to add character, privacy and protection, as well as improve security.
  • Today’s verandahs are generally reasonably open structures, while it wasn’t unusual for some Queenslanders to feature verandahs that were more enclosed. If you like this concept, you can incorporate features such as partial walls, louvred windows and lattices into your verandah. Alternatively, for more flexibility, consider outdoor blinds that can be raised and lowered as you choose. Having a more enclosed space can be good, for example, to provide an alternative sleeping space on hot nights or to incorporate an outdoor home office.
  • Queenslander verandahs are far from mere doorsteps; they are expansive welcome mats setting the tone for the entire home. Functioning as more than just passages between public and private spaces, these verandahs provide inviting spaces to pause and savour the surroundings. A well-designed verandah, offering comfort and versatility, becomes the backdrop for countless hours of enjoyment, whether alone or with friends.
  • One of the huge benefits of having an expansive verandah is that it provides more protection from the elements for you and your furniture. This allows you to choose furniture with varying degrees of weather resistance. The same goes for accessories such as rugs, cushions, mirrors and throws.
  • Another aspect of the classic Queenslander that any new Brisbane verandah can embrace is the use of potted plants. With a year-round presence of plants or fresh cut foliage, your verandah will reinforce the connection between indoor and outdoor realms. It will also help create a more relaxing and comfortable ambience.

While you may have a more modern home, there are certainly ways that Queeslanders and their verandahs can inspire us now and into the future. Whether you choose all these verandah ideas or pick and choose, you’ll help to create a great entertainment and relaxation space for you and your family.

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Whether you own an older Brisbane home or a modern one, there are verandah ideas from Queenslanders and other classic homes that you can use to inspire the new addition to your abode.
Whether you own an older Brisbane home or a modern one, there are verandah ideas from Queenslanders and other classic homes that you can use to inspire the new addition to your abode.