Did you know that you can build a pergola in Victoria without applying to council for a Building Permit?

Open pergola with outdoor dining

Open pergola with outdoor dining

Outside Concepts are specialists in outdoor living, design and construction and know all the ‘ins and outs’ about building regulations.

While each state has different regulations and council areas within each state may impose specific regulations, in Victoria the overall guidelines state:

  • The pergola needs to be roofed with a permeable material. That means that materials such as timber slats, Shadecloth, blinds, bamboo screening are acceptable, however a solid roof is not.
  • The total coverage of the structure can’t exceed 20sq metres. For example, you could have a 5 x 4 metre outdoor living space within these guidelines. That’s plenty of space for a table and chairs for 6 to 8 people along with a BBQ.
  • The total height of the structure must not be higher than 3.0 metres. This measurement is one taken from the ground and you must incorporate the height of your decking into this total measurement. So if your deck is a metre off the ground you will have 2.6 metres left. To give you an idea – ceiling height in an internal room is usually 2.4 metres so it’s still plenty of height to accommodate your pergola roof.

Be mindful that there are other conditions which need to be met, and in some cases a Town Planning Permit may still be required. Which is why you should call Outside Concepts, the outdoor living professionals for more information on building your pergola today, or visit our website to find your local Outdoor Concepts Victorian branch.