Sometime the mark of a successful outdoor project is more a case of what you don’t see as much as what you do. Take the case of this new Geelong carport in the suburb of Newtown. The owners wanted a carport that would perfectly compliment the style of their classic weatherboard house and trusted the project to Outside Concepts’ Jaan McKenzie, manager of our branch in Geelong.

Geelong carport planning and design

Jaan sat down with the owners to discuss their needs and how a carport could be incorporated with their home. This started with the design of the Geelong carport, which included a gable roof with a pitch similar to the roof of the house. The choice of materials and their styles was also important and included the use of posts, guttering, roofing and end-fills identical to those used on the house. All finished off with the same paint colours.

Walk past the house today and you’re unlikely to notice that the carport was new. More importantly, the new carport owners think the project is “awesome” and perfectly meets their needs.

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This classic single Geelong carport was built by Outside Concepts to perfectly match the house